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Well, last night I noticed that my tongue has a white film on it and I had epic eye crust this morning.  Sounds amazing, huh?  Actually, I was really excited about both of these developments!  It means my body is detoxifying itself.  It’s, literally, toxins being pulled from each layer of tissue in my body in chronological order.  Isn’t that crazy?!?  

So, if I’m not eliminating all these toxins that are surfacing, it could be really bad, but I’m extremely proud to report that all elimination systems are working regularly and consistently!  Yes, I want a medal for that!!!
I’ve included a picture of my lunch (below).  I started having hunger pangs around noon since I “ate” breakfast early today.  It was the first time I have actually been really really hungry to the point my belly was talking.  When I got home, I prepared my lunch and was quickly relieved of that hungry sensation.  I think the really strong flavors and smells in the juices have a lot to do with that.   
Lunch!  Yum?

I’m probably going to have a tiny dinner tonight and I have decided to continue my fast for the next two days.  That will be a 5-day fast and, for my first time, I’m really pleased with that.  Some other side effects that I’m noticing are that I’m always cold.  I’m running a low grade fever (this is normal) and last night I had a slight headache.  Other than that, my energy levels have been good.  I’m not saying that I’m going to be running 3 miles, but I can get through challenging yoga classes and have had no problems lasting through a typical day.  I know it’s really early to call this “Day 3,” but I want to have this evening for pure enjoyment.

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