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Quick note: I combined all my “thankful posts” into one blog.  So, I will just update that post each day, instead of creating a new blog for every single day!

This is Day 3 of my juice fast and I’m still going strong.  I did have one taco for dinner last night (it was tiny) because it’s so difficult to cook these amazing meals and not eat them!  I just took the pups for a walk. They were terrible this morning!  Maybe it was because it was so cold outside…yesterday’s rain brought a cold front behind it.  I’m about to have breakfast (carrot-ginger juice) and head to yoga.  After that, I will cram two days of work into one and then I’m planning on going to yoga again this afternoon/evening.  I’m not cooking tonight – LEFTOVERS – so I shouldn’t be tempted by insane deliciousness!


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