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Today was fantastic! I started the morning with a large glass of water and made some green tea. I let it steep while I took the dogs for a mile walk/training session (we are definitely improving our manners). I got home just as Wade was leaving for work. For breakfast, I had a glass of wheatgrass-parsley-celery-cucumber-broccoli juice. I did some organizing, responded to my personal emails and also did a little bit of work. At 9:45, I went to my first class of the day. This was supposed to be a Pilates class, but the regular teacher was out (which was fine because she isnt’t very good) so we had a sub. It was FRANCISCO! I was elated and he taught a wonderful and insightful class. It was a great start to the day!

After that, I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods and Kroger. I came in $10 under budget, which is always awesome. I unloaded all the groceries, had lunch (green veggie juice I mentioned earlier with a side of kale-pineapple-apple juice), did a little bit more work and then started prepping dinner. I made chicken saltimboca for the first time. Once everything was ready to go, I left for class #2 of the day. It was at a yoga studio near the house. I was a little nervous because i knew it would be more challenging than my normal classes, but it was so gratifying and i learned so much. This is the type of practice I’ve been looking for and will definitely continue there. I drove home, centered, in the rain. When i arrived the chicken saltimboca was ready to go. It is chicken breast stuffed with provolone, wrapped in prosciutto and served on a bed of pasta with a Parmesan cream sauce and arugula. Sounds good, huh?

I sautéed the chicken, boiled the noodles and made the sauce. We (wade) had dinner on the table by 7:15. Wade said it was awesome and it sure smelled and looked amazing! Unfortunately, I did not partake. I’m feeling good. I wasn’t hungry once today, but I know this will be more challenging in day 3 and 4.


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