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Well, let’s take it back to Thursday…

I had to work late to help with our annual physical inventory.  It was disgusting and exhausting.  During one of my breaks, I spoke to Wade and he said that he was going to my mom’s house to play cards.  I decided that I would meet them over there when I got off, which was around 7:30.  When I arrived at 8, they told me about this man who had knocked at the door just before I arrived (it was already dark outside).  They said he waved through the window and that it was just creepy.  Without another thought, we played cards and had a great time.

My inventory continued on Friday and it was even more disgusting and more exhausting so we didn’t really feel like going out on Friday night.  Instead, Wade and I decided to surprise my Mom for her b-day.  We bought 2 small cakes and some candles that said “90” and headed over to her house.  As we pulled up to the stop sign across from her front door, I noticed someone in the doorway.  I said, “Wade, we can’t go up there now, there’s someone there.”  It would have ruined our surprise.  He looked and said, “OH MY GOSH!  That’s the same guy from last night!”

This was not okay since he had been, in no uncertain terms, turned away at almost the exact same time the previous night.  We slowly drove by, but the guy definitely knew we were watching him.  One block past the house, we made a U-turn and headed back toward her house and we saw the man walk away.  As we got to the door, my mom had just walked up to the other side.  She opened the door and we told her that the guy had been there.  At first she thought we were kidding, but we told her she should probably call the police.  She did and they came over.  When Bedford’s finest arrived, the man was just standing in front of the house, leaning against a stop sign, staring at the house.  IT WAS WEIRD!  An officer came to the door and asked us if we had a gun.  Confused, we said, “no, absolutely not!”

Apparently, the guy said we pointed a gun at him.  REALLY WEIRD.  Why would he have come back if he thought we had a gun?  Why hadn’t he gone to any other house in the neighborhood?  Why did he come back after he was asked to leave the night before?  Why was he out when it was dark?

The officer recommended that my mom leave the house for a few days, so we got her packed up and she spent the night with us.  I am so thankful that we were there.  I am so thankful that we decided to surprise her.  If she knew that we were coming over, she would surely have answered the door when the man knocked and rang the doorbell repeatedly.  It was a very eventful evening that will stick with all of us for some time to come.  Once we got back to our house, we did celebrate with the cakes we bought and we played cards.  Archie was very excited to get to spend the night with his Grandma and he didn’t come out of her room all night.  Mack took advantage of the extra space on the bed in our room and she slept right between us.

Saturday morning, my mom and I went to Dallas to pick up Mrs. Santore (John’s fiancee’s mom) at her hotel.  They were in town for a lecture and we had planned to do breakfast.  We went to La Duni on McKinney and enjoyed some delicious, “down and dirty” Mexican breakfast and great conversation!  It was great to meet her and I’m so thankful that John found such an awesome girl with a great family.  When I got home, Wade and I went to Northpark, but that was pretty much torture.  Neither one of us found anything and it was just packed.  We came home, napped, watched football and went to sleep.  Thankfully, it was “fall back” so when we woke up Sunday morning, we were very refreshed and had plenty of time before church.  I took the dogs for a walk and then we headed to Southlake.  The service was great.

After church, we went to Central Market for a delicious breakfast and to pick up some snacks to take to the Tam’s house for our pre-NASCAR festivities.  We had a blast with Jim, his wife, Dia, and their neighbor, Steve.  When the other guests arrived, we made our way to Texas Motor Speedway for the race.  As always, it was a great time.  Jim is a very generous house and we feasted on shrimp, crab cakes, and all kinds of great food in the Speedway Club.

Here’s a video of the cars zooming by after a caution…

I cannot believe how loud it is!

All in all, it was a great weekend.  After the race, we were able to come home and just relax on the couch.  I was sound asleep by 9PM and up early this morning to walk the puggle bulls.

Have a great week!!!


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