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We’ve been doing some things differently around the Graf house lately.  First of all, we’ve traded in Skip-bo for Phase 10.  It’s a new addiction and we play every night.  We’ve also been “skyping” with Neal and Carolyn.  It is absolutely amazing that we can sit in our kitchen in Texas and video chat with family in Ohio for free!  Technology is amazing.

We’ve also been eating healthy (well, not tonight) and it feels great to get back on track again.  After living off of beer, pretzels and melted cheese for the past two weeks, my body was definitely ready for some actual nutrients.  Every morning for breakfast, I have a big glass of juice.  I’m talking carrot-parsley-beet-wheatgrass juice or cucumber-parsley-wheatgrass-apple juice.  It’s not pretty and it’s not delicious, but it sure does give me a noticeable boost of energy.  I’ve also gotten into the habit of walking the dogs a mile every morning and when Wade gets home, in the evenings, we walk another half mile.  The pups are definitely loving it and it’s good for all of us.

Work is in full swing for Wade.  This is the high season for sales and he was thisclose to selling a long-term suite today.  Hopefully, he’ll be able to get the deal done tomorrow, but that would be a miracle because it would involve reason and logic from someone incapable of those qualities.  Prayers are greatly appreciated!

The weather is changing tonight.  There’s a cold front coming in and the high for tomorrow is in the low 60’s.  It’s starting to get dark early and there’s a distinct feel of winter looming.  I love it.  To top it all off, our favorite new show is on tonight; American Horror Story.  I highly recommend you watch it (it’s on FX at 9PM CST), but not by yourself.  It’s so scary!  I have nightmares about it during the day!

My Mom’s birthday is Saturday, but we’re going to celebrate next weekend at 4 Day Weekend in Fort Worth! My brothers’ fiancee’s mother and father (the Santore’s) will be in town this weekend.  My Mom and I plan on having brunch with Mrs. Santore on Saturday morning and I’m looking forward to that.

We’ve gotten back into wedding planning mode.  Our engagement photos are scheduled for the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I find myself so anxious about this.  I’m stressing about what we’ll wear, how we’ll pose, etc.  I just want them to be genuine and not super-posed and contrived.  I couldn’t care less about the background or the setting, I just want good photos of US.  Next on the list is dress tailoring, preliminary talks with the caterer, securing the rehearsal dinner location and our reception entertainment. All of a sudden, 9 months doesn’t feel so far away!

Okay, folks.  That’s all I’ve got for now!


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