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So, I’ve been making treats for my dealers lately.  You know, just a little something sweet to take in so they will remember me and, more importantly, buy stuff from me?!?!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I saw a magazine cover at my mom’s house.  It was Family Circle and it had cake balls on it, but they were decorated for Halloween.  There was a pirate, a jack-o-lantern, a mummy and a cat.  I asked her if I could have the magazine because I wanted to make something like that for a Christmas party I’m planning.   This week, I decided to give my cake balls a try and I thought I’d start off easy by decorating them like baseballs to celebrate the Rangers’ success.  Well, I made them and they turned out really well.

Aren’t they cute?!?

Wade got off of work early today for the Rangers’ game and he went to a bar with a bunch of colleagues to watch.  I decided to meet them up there and I brought my baseball/cake balls for everyone.  I ended up giving one to the owner of the bar and he asked me if I could make them for special events.  I immediately said yes and added that I could also do footballs and other designs.  He wants me to do 500 for a special event!  How cool is that?!?!  I think I’m going to charge $1.50 for each ball.  I’m pretty excited.  Wade was a little too into the game to really notice what was going on, but I’m sure he’s proud too!

Unfortunately, the Rangers lost, but that’s okay because we’ll be at home when we punch our ticket to the World Series!!!  I can’t wait for Saturday!


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