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What a week/weekend!  For starters, my dear sweet brother is engaged!  I’m ecstatic about my future sister-in-law and their life together.  Also, UNCLE CHARLIE IS ENGAGED!  Love is in the air…

We went to the family reunion in New Braunfels this weekend.  We stayed on the Guadalupe River near Canyon Lake and it was beautiful.  It was an easy 4 hour drive and we arrived at about 10PM on Friday.  There were games, food, stories and lots of laughs.  It’s so nice to get together like that and we look forward to making it an annual trip!

On Friday evening, we thought we were victims of identity theft when we noticed a $200 cash withdrawal from a bank in El Paso.  It ended up being a teller error, but we had already started the process of switching accounts, etc so it’s still a giant pain in the a$$.  Oh well, better safe than sorry.  It’s a hectic week as we have playoffs, Neal and Carolyn coming into town and just regular life and work going on, but it’s nice to know that we won’t be traveling for a while.  In fact, I think the next trip that we have planned is my convention in Vegas in January of 2012!  Not too shabby!

In the meantime, we’re staying busy with other things 🙂  Lots of love to everyone!  I promise to be updating with more consistent and detailed posts soon!


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