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The days are flying!!!  I think that the last time I blogged I was in San Francisco with 5-week-old Henry on my lap, while his mommy showered.  Let me tell you, after two nights with an infant, I realized that nobody can EVER be “ready” for kids.  What an experience?!?!  It’s a constant cycle of feeding/pumping, changing diapers, gas and sleep.  It took me a couple of days to recover once I got home.

Speaking of “getting home,” it was such a great feeling.  Wade picked me up at the airport on last Sunday evening and when I came home, the house was clean, he had switched the guest bed mattress and the master bed mattress (now we have the good one…sorry, guests) and there was the sweetest card in the world waiting on my nightstand.  What a guy?!?  I am one lucky gal!

I honestly don’t even remember the week that followed, but we had a great Father’s day.  We spent time at my grandparents’ house, listening to their stories and looking at old pictures.  It was so nice.  After that we went to my Dad and Marilyn’s house.  It was the first time we’ve seen it and it’s just perfect for them!  Marilyn made an incredible dinner and we talked and talked all evening.

This week was crazy.  I travelled to Shreveport on Tuesday with my boss.  When we left d/fw at 6:30 that morning it was pouring rain.  We basically travelled East with the storm the whole way.  It wasn’t fun.  At about 2:30pm, we were 30 minutes outside of Shreveport when Will (my boss) got a call from his mother.  His dad had gone in for surgery to remove some cysts from his lymph nodes.  This was supposed to be no big deal.  Apparently, once they got in there, they found that it was carcinoma and it had spread to other places.  I told Will that even though there is nothing that he could do back at home, he would feel better if he was there.  At the very least, he could be there for his mom while his Dad recovered from surgery.  Thankfully, he booked a ticket and I dropped him off at the airport as we drove in Shreveport.

At that point I was supposed to head one hour East of Shreveport into Monroe and then drive back to Shreveport to stay the night.  The weather was so bad, I saw one account in Shreveport and then went to the hotel.  I ordered room service (breakfast for dinner) and had a school marathon.  I wanted to get as much done as possible because I knew the rest of the week would be packed.  I drove back Wednesday and met Wade at the Ballpark so I could be there with him for his birthday.  We sat in a suite and he watched the game while I had a school conference call.

On Thursday he played softball and I relaxed at home.  It was way too hot to go sit on metal bleachers at the field and watch him.  This morning I did a bit of work and got to hang out with my mom.  Although things didn’t quite go as planned, I’m glad I at least got to see her.  Tonight Wade and I will be having dinner with his friend from college, who is a pitcher for the Mets.  They are staying at the Ritz in uptown Dallas, so we’re going to pick him up at the Ballpark and take him to Nick & Sam’s…my old stomping grounds.  Tomorrow, we’re going to watch him pitch.  Wade got a suite and we’re having friends out to the game.  It should be a blast!

Other than that, there’s a ton of school to be done, plenty of things to do around the house and I still have a bum foot.  I can’t wait to not have to wear this boot.  I’m thinking I have about 3 more weeks and that’s 4 weeks longer than I expected.  I guess that’s why they call them “Doctors”.

Okay everyone, have a blessed evening and a great weekend!  Hopefully I have more to blog about this week…all good things!

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