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Well, Wade didn’t get the job.  The decision was based on age and tenure.  Not only is that totally illegal, but it’s the worst hiring philosophy I’ve EVER heard of…EVER!  I keep on thinking he’s going to call me or come home and say, “JUST KIDDING!”.

I am truly shocked, but I know that there’s something bigger and better down the road.  Also, it might not be bad for him to actually take some time to enjoy not being in school and not starting a new job.  It’s probably the best possible thing for him stress-wise.

In other news:

I have to find a way to exercise.  I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t.  CRAZY!  I tell ya!

My back is killing me from walking all gimpy.

I have a weekend FULL of school ahead of me.

That’s really about it.  I have a very full day.  Wade has two softball games tonight.  I’m kinda happy about that because I don’t think I can handle watching Mavs/Heat with him tonight.  Okay…all for now!


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