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This weekend was interesting. On Friday at 4:45 I picked Wade and Drew up at the Ballpark and drove to Love Field to catch our chartered flight to Shreveport with 5 other co-workers of Wade’s. It was pretty cool to fly on a private jet. We enjoyed the souvenirs which mostly consisted if miniature bottles of liquior and cold beer. The flight was about 30 minutes and when we landed, we were whisked to the hotel by limo…I could totally get used to that. It also had souvenirs (beer). We were all feeling pretty good by the time we arrived at the hotel. Our first item on the agenda was food. We ate at the deli in the hotel and headed off to gamble, which is basically code for “free drinks”. I got $100 out of the ATM and hit the blackjack tables. I did okay. It was pretty up and down. At some point, around 10:30, I got bored or annoyed, or both and quietly excused myself to go upstairs and go to sleep. I had to do school Saturday morning, so I didn’t want to get too out of control and everyone else was well on their way. So, off I went. I woke up at 4 and Wade still hadn’t made it to the room. I called him to make sure he was alive and he was PISSED. Apparently, I had deadbolted the door when I came in (safety first) and he was locked out. In my deep slumber/drunken passed out state, I did not hear him knocking. Ooops! Well, he came upstairs at that point and although I “ruined his night,” it seemed as though he had a pretty good time. In fact, he had such a good time he slept all day on Saturday and didn’t go out on Saturday night. I did though!!! I won $400 on the slots (before I lost it playing blackjack again) and was a dancing machine!!! I had a blast. Maybe next time Mr. Graf and I can get on the same party schedule.

Our flight left at about noon on Sunday and Wade was in a really bad mood. I’m not sure why, but he snapped out of it in time to go to the Mavs game. I cleaned and did school. I had a blast in the trip, but it was a younger crowd. There was one guy that is notorious for his drinking/belligerence. Everyone thought it was really funny, but I’ve seen too many bad things happen to be able to think that he was funny. In fact, while he was the life of the party to everyone else, I found him to be arrogant, selfish and rude. Most of the time people were laughing about the way he treated other people. I was embarrassed and I felt bad for him.

I’m not even kidding a little when I say that I never want to be around him in any capacity ever again. He is a ticking time bomb and Im past the point of being able to enjoy sheer stupidity. Honestly, after some of the stories I heard and the way he acted, I did not feel safe. I was even angry that his “friends” egged him on. I used to know a bunch of “those guys” and I know I probably egged them on every once in a while, but it’s amazing what a difference a few years can make.

Work is going well. School is insanely busy. Wade has his third and final interview for a manager’s position with the Rangers on Wednesday and that’s about it! It’s been kinda a rough day anxiety-wise. I’m not sure why, but they sneak up on me sometimes. It’s the worst. Im probably going to go for my second run of the day to clear my mind. Hopefully it works because I’m sick of this. I suppose another problem with having the easiest job in the world is too much free time. It’s amazing how quickly I can get to “worst case scenarios.”. I should get going before I start dwelling on the end of the world (just kidding)


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