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It is an absolutely beautiful day here in D/FW.  I am not working today, so I wanted to take some time to update everyone on the happenings in and around 2305 Springmere…buckle your seatbelt and hold on tight!!!

Brighton Village HOA:  Our current HOA president (Chuck…I have another name for him) is moving.  Everyone in the neighborhood wants Lance, who lives across the street from us, to be the new Prez.  He’s going to and everyone is so excited.  Not to make light of one of the biggest tragedies of all time, but maybe this is how the Jews felt when Hitler was defeated.  In any case, we are excited that Lance will be handling things going forward.  It’s looking like his running-mate will be none other than Mr. Wade Graf!  Should be fun!

School:  Oh my goodness.  Wade is finished FOREVER on Sunday.  I am, no doubt, just beginning my hardest semester yet.  I’m going to have a plate-full and really dread missing out on lots of summer fun.  My biggest project is consulting on an employee handbook and HR policies for the Texoma Council of Governments.  THRILLING!

Work:  It’s going really well for both of us.  Wade nailed his first interview for the Director of Inside Sales position.  I am the top rep in my region and one of the top in the company this month.

Health:  Well, I think we both have our sanity at this point.  Ehhhhhh…maybe not.  Physically, we are doing well.  We have been eating very healthy and are enjoying some new dishes.  I’m having some issues that make every other two weeks of my life not the most fun, but I’m managing.

Exercise:  We’ve been trying to take the dogs for a 1/2 mile walk every night.  We’re doing okay with that, but Archie and Mack are really benefitting.  This is easily the best part of their day.  The way they jump and squeal is just hilarious.  They would walk themselves on the leash if we would let them.  I’ve been running with Lance (the new Prez) everyday.  It’s been cool to have someone to run with.  He’s retired and, really, I don’t work all that much so it works out extremely well.

Skydiving:  I was supposed to go last Saturday, but the weather nixed that.  I’m re-scheduled for Sunday so cross your fingers!!!

Since this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, I guess next week is officially the beginning of summer! I think it’s going to be a good one (minus the heat….the Miami Heat and just the Texas sun)…GO MAVS!!!


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