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I have had a great day so far!  Now, it’s only 2PM, but I’ve got plans for the rest of the day that can’t be ruined.  I just love being productive!  I woke up at 5, very excited and ready to start the day.  Right now my head is just full of ideas.  So, I did my usual bath with a chapter of the Bible and a little quiet time.  Once I got dressed, I drove my expense report up to the office and came right back home.  I ate breakfast and went for a 4 mile walk.  I got back around 9AM and was off to work by 9:30.  I drove all over north Texas and then back home for errands (bank, grocery shopping, dry cleaning).  I’m finally sitting down to lunch (turkey provolone wrap) and I’ll start making 2 dinners right after I finish.

2 DINNERS!?!?  Yep, 2.  I have a new plan.  I love nothing more than eating at home with Wade.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel like cooking every single day of the week, so If I cook two big meals on Monday night, we can alternate with leftovers the rest of the week!  Brilliant, I know!  Tonight, we’ll be choosing between a tuna casserole that I’ve never made before (hopefully, it turns out) and our go-to taco dip/burrito filling.  Should be good!

Wade’s really finishing up his school this week.  I am getting so jealous.  My countdown officially starts on Saturday, from which I will have three months to go.  I picture Wade doing amazing things like zip-lining through the Amazon, visiting the pyramids in Egypt, or winning the Iditarod while I sit at home with my computer in my lap, buried in books.  Rather dramatic, I know, but that’s what it feels like!

Okay, this lady has to get cookin’!


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