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I actually worked today for about four hours.  That was odd for a Friday.  It was an open house at one of my accounts in FTW.  It was so boring…I just stood around and talked to the competition and vendor reps the whole time.  It was good to get to know those guys a little better and to hear all of their stories.  My biggest competition in my area is a man named Tal.  He’s about 55-57 and he’s a big guy.  The first time I met him, he really rubbed me the wrong way, but after spending the day with him, I really like him.

I got home around 3PM and took a short nap.  I was exhausted!  I got dressed to go for a run and made it about 1/10 of the way around the block only to turn around because my ankle is hurting so bad.  I hit the outside of my right ankle on the side of the bathtub as I was getting out of it on Wednesday night and it is black and blue and swollen.  I’ve been walking fine, but it hurts to turn and I didn’t want to risk running on it.  I suppose I’ll have to get up early to swim tomorrow before I head back to the dealership for a few more hours.

Well, that’s all I have for today!


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