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First things first…

My birthday was great!  When Wade got home on Monday, we had dinner at Olive Garden and came home and watched some basketball.  It was very relaxing.

I left early Tuesday morning for my trip to Shreveport and that went pretty well too.  We drove for 12 hours.  When we got to the hotel, we ate dinner and then I hit the blackjack tables for a bit.  I paid $4 to get $20 out of the ATM, but I doubled my money and called it a night.  Wednesday seemed like it was so long.  I was just so ready to get home to Wade and the pups.  We had an 8 hour day and as we were driving into DFW, it started to pour.  When Wade got home from work, we met my Dad, Marilyn and Sage at Benihana’s in Las Colinas.  It was a blast.

Now, here’s the good part…

When we got home from Benihana’s, I looked at my phone and had several texts.  One of my best friends had given birth to a baby boy.  This is the third friend to have a baby in two days.  To say that I have “baby fever” is the biggest understatement in the history of the world.  Turning 29, everyone popping out sweet babies and my crazy hormones are really making my life miserable right now.  Poor Wade.  I might have cried about it a bit last night and that guy is just so sweet and comforting.  I really do feel bad that he has to put up with my craziness, but he’s a trooper.

This morning, I went to go see Courtney and sweet baby Henry.  He has a head full of black hair and the feet of a 4 year old.  He is perfect in way.  His little cries melted my heart and I don’t think that there is anything sweeter than watching a mother swaddle and dote on her newborn baby.  Courtney is going to be a great mommy and I really reaaaalllllllllllyyyyy want to be one too!  SOON!  AHHHHHHHH!

That’s my fit for the day.

It was so strange to walk out of Courtney’s room, into the elevator and out the front door.  The hospital was so calm and peaceful.  I could only think that it would be so scary to leave that place and bring such a precious gift outside into the noise and hustle and bustle of the world.  Henry is one lucky little fella.  His mom and dad are some of the best people I know and I’m sure they’ll do just fine.

Seriously, what happened to a year ago when I didn’t want kids any time soon?  Now, I’ve got friends freezing their eggs, friends trying for a second and third child and friends struggling with fertility.  I just feel so very behind and it’s not for lacking of wanting…

Soon enough.  I suppose that we have yet another chance for me to practice my patience…tick…tick…tick.

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