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Welp, it’s here.  I’m 29 today and I must say that it’s been a good one.  I’ve gotten calls, texts, cards and emails from all of my friends and family and plenty of messages from facebook people.  It’s always nice to be remembered.  I got home from visiting accounts by noon today and actually finished my work by two.  I busted out with a 4 mile run (where did that come from?!?) and now, I’m going to shower and pack for my trip.

We don’t have big plans for the night and I’m happy about that.  This birthday reminds me of another birthday I had (maybe my 24th or 25th).  It was absolutely perfect and I spent the entire day reading one of the Harry Potter books by a window as it poured rain.  So simple, but divine.  Sometimes, those are the best and that seems to be the way this one is turning out.

I was so happy to have Wade at home last night.  I really missed that guy.  He’s such a trooper.  I know he was exhausted, but he offered to take the dogs for a walk with me and he stayed up and talked to me for quite a while before falling asleep.  I’m sure he’s struggling today.  Weekends like that usually take more than 1 day to fully recover.  Poor guy!  It sounds like he had a blast though and that makes me really happy.  It’s just unfortunate how far away both of us are from our dearest friends.  We both really cherish the time that we do get to spend with them.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming weekend.  Even though I have to work, Kristen and Scott will be in town and we are planning to hang out with them at least one of the nights.  That should be fun and I’ll be happy for Wade to finally get to know my best friend’s husband a little better.

Well, I’m off to continue this day…

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!



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