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What a whirlwind of a weekend!?!

I enjoyed Friday night by myself.  The Mavs won, so that was great and the game was a good one.  I woke up early on Saturday morning to run errands and get to Southlake for the Central Market cooking class with my mom.  On my way over there, I stopped by the Gap and picked up three maxi dresses for a whopping $36.  That pretty much ensured that my day would be great!

I met my mom outside of the store and we walked in together.  I told her I was super-thirsty so she bought us a couple of waters and I went to the bathroom.  We found the “Cooking School” entrance and walked in.  The second we stepped through the doors we were greeted by a lady in a white apron and offered water, tea or sangria…both of us inconspicuously slipped our waters into our purses and enthusiastically accepted the sangria.  We had a seat and the classes started…

It was pretty neat.  It was a demonstration class, so the chefs made all the food and walked us through each step as they did it.  They gave some great tips and answered questions.  The first dish was fruit and yogurt parfait.  I must say, I was a little disappointed that this was even on the menu.  I mean, the directions were, “Put yogurt in the cup. Put berries on top of the yogurt.  Put granola on top of the berries and serve.”

Really?  Did I need a “recipe” for that?

The next dish was a country club muffin.  It was delicious and buttery.  It had walnuts in it.  I don’t dislike them, but I certainly could do without.  The next dish was migas and they were delicious.  It’s basically eggs with tomatoes, peppers and cheese.  As they were serving the migas, my mouth started watering profusely.  My jaw begin throb with pain and I could feel it shooting up to my ears.  After about 5 minutes, I looked at my mom and tried to quietly explain what was going on.  She told me to try to take a bite of the migas and I did.  The second I opened my mouth to shovel in a fork full of eggs, I felt a pain like I have NEVER felt before.  I almost screamed bloody murder.  I drank my water and after another 5 minutes, the pain was gone.  All we can guess is that I had an allergic reaction to something we ate…who knows?

If you thought the cooking course was done at this point, you were wrong.  Next, we had chicken and waffles.  This isn’t my first go-around with the dish.  The first time I had this southern delicacy, I was in LA at the famous Roscoe’s Chicken ‘N Waffles.  It’s not what you would consider a fine establishment and I was ripped off by an 8 year old who sold me an empty box of M&M’s.  Anyway, the dish was excellent.  The very last course was creme brulee’.  It was fantastic.  In general, the class was great.  Even though we didn’t get to do the cooking, I am much less intimidated by the dishes that we were served.  I will definitely be giving all of them a shot in my own kitchen.

After the cooking class, I went to my grandparents’ house in Dallas to celebrate Mother’s Day.  As always, it was great to see them.  I love sitting in their living sharing stories.  After a while, my dad, Marilyn and her son, Sage, came over.  My Grandma gave me two big pots for more plants.  I can’t wait to get some plant babies in there!  I’m excited to grow so more things I can use in the kitchen.  While I was talking to my Grandma, she said, “I think you might have a green thumb!”  Honestly, that was the best compliment I could have gotten.  It made my day!  Eventually, I had to leave because I needed to be back in North Richland Hills by 5PM.  My best friend Kristen and her family were in town for Mother’s Day weekend and the timing was perfect.  I really needed my friends this weekend and they don’t disappoint.  I spent an hour or so over there.  I had a couple of beers by the pool as we chatted and watched the Kentucky Derby.  It was very enjoyable.  After that, I hurried home because my other best friend, Holly, was in town from LA and we planned on eating dinner together.  She ended up just coming over and we had margaritas on the patio and talked all night.  We must have gone to bed around 3AM.  It was great to catch up with her.

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel awesome, but I got myself dressed and begin making lunch for my Mom and my brother (who is also in town from LA).  I made orange scented french toast with strawberries and Thai fruit salad.  It was a great little meal and, again, I got to use my own home-grown mint and basil in the dishes.  That is such a great feeling.  Anyway, they both came over and we had lunch.  I gave my mom her cards (one from me, one from Wade and one from Archie and Mack) and her gift from Wade (a framed photo of him with Nolan Ryan).  I think she really enjoyed it. It was great to spend time with her and my brother and I was sad to see them go, but excited about the three hour nap that I was about to take!

I woke up to the Mavs beating the H#*! out of the Lakers and now, I’m waiting for Wade to get home.  We can’t wait to see him and lick his face (mostly Archie).

I turn the big 2-9 tomorrow!  This is the first birthday that I haven’t been totally pumped for.  It really feels like “just another day” and to be perfectly honest, I’m cool with that.  I’m looking forward to a quiet night and an easy day tomorrow, before I hit the road to Shreveport on Tuesday!


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