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Wow, I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged in a whole week!  To be honest, there’s not a lot new.  Wade and I had a great weekend.  Unfortunately, I can’t recall what exactly we did.  It feels like it was 20 years ago.  I’m really trying to remember…

Friday was the royal wedding and I was totally glued to that.  On Saturday, I had an early morning workout and then we went to Frisco for a “Legends” baseball game.  They had some old pros playing by the old baseball rules.  It was very interesting; seven balls before a batter walked, pitches could bounce over the plate, and the gloves looked like gardening gloves.  It was pretty neat, but incredibly hot.  After that we came home and relaxed.  Sunday morning, we went to church and had lunch before we looked at some lofts in Montgomery Plaza.  They were definitely too small.

I left for Utah on Monday morning and just got home at 10 ‘o clock this morning.  The trip was long, but I enjoyed it.  I flew in to Salt Lake City and we drove 3 hours North, to Vernal, Utah.  The drive was absolutely breathtaking.  There was still a ton of snow, but it was around 70 degrees.  The roads wound all over the mountains and I definitely could feel a little bit of the altitude getting to me.  I saw Park City, where they had the Olympics and Lehi, where “Footloose” was filmed.

When we got to Vernal, it was too late to start on the store set we were doing, so we just had dinner and went to bed.  We got going early on Tuesday.  Me and 2 of the guys had breakfast at a place called “Betty’s.”  It was amazing and all I had was the oatmeal.  Vernal is a very small town and Betty’s is the kind of place where the waitresses know everything about everyone.  After some poor service and delicious food, we went to B&D Movers, the store that we would be re-arranging.

When we walked into the store, I was shocked by how dusty it was.  We literally moved their entire retail area and cleaned it for three days straight.  I was throwing around hitches and towbars (I don’t even know what those are, but they’re heavy) and I can’t begin to tell you how sore I am.  I really think I did something to my neck.  The pain is unreal.  In any case, I’ve never gotten so dirty at work.  Seriously, when I blew my nose, there was dirt/dust in the kleenex from inhaling God only knows how many years of filth.

That first night I went to bed at 6PM.  I didn’t sleep well any of the nights.  The pillows were terrible and I really didn’t like that my room was on the ground floor.  Every noise I heard freaked me out.  I was amazed by how much of an oil town that Vernal was.  Basically, everyone there drills, works on the pipelines or works in the industry in some other capacity.  So, all these oil guys were at our hotel and they were up late drinking every single night.

When we finished on Thursday afternoon, I was more than ready to be home.  Sore, tired and covered in dirt, we made the three hour drive back to Salt Lake City.  Again, the views were amazing.  I just can’t imagine having to drive that terrain in the winter.  I’m thankful that we don’t have that kind of snow here.

We had a quick dinner in Salt Lake and then checked into a La Quinta near the airport.  I laid out my stuff for the morning, watched a bit of TV and then went sleep, dreading my 4AM wake up call.  I must say, there is nothing lonlier than watching TV by yourself in a La Quinta.  It was not one of my best moments.  Oddly, I woke up at 3:57 bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I got dressed, packed my stuff and took the shuttle to the airport.  My flight left at 6AM and we actually arrived 30 minutes early.

I went straight to pick up my babies at the vet.  On my way, I got a call from Wade’s mom, she wanted to let me know that Neal had been in an accident, but that he was okay.  Thank goodness for that.  The wreck sounded pretty bad!  I finished up that call in the vet’s parking lot and headed in.  The baby puppies were very happy to see me.  I was happy to see them, but could have done without the $300 bill.  That’s on top of the $400 vet bill last Saturday.  Thank goodness for pet insurance.  Once I got them home, I changed, unpacked, started laundry and then went to get a facial.  It’s my little birthday surprise to myself.

Since then, I’ve finished laundry, gone grocery shopping, cleaned out the fridge, taken a short nap and now, I’m here typing.  It’s been a very long day.  Actually, it’s been a very long week.  I’m excited to celebrate Mother’s Day, but I’m kinda dreading my birthday on Monday.  There is nothing planned because we are so busy.  We’re going to have to celebrate on the 21st and well, that just isn’t the same.  All the people that I want to celebrate with (besides my family and Wade) are not in this state and that’s a bummer too.  I miss my girlfriends.  Everyone who lives near me now has children and it’s just awkward being the childless divorcee’.  That sounds pathetic.  Usually, this is not a problem because I’m so busy with work and school.  I don’t start school until the 21st so I’ve been a little bored lately.  Also, out in West Texas, there are all these billboards that say the world is going to end on May 21st.  I’ll be damned if I don’t get to celebrate my 29th birthday and I spent 1.5 years working toward my masters only for the world to end on the first day of my last semester.

Well, I’m beat.  I’m going to watch the Mavs, have some wine and go to bed!

Good Night!

God Bless!

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