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Work: It’s getting super-busy!  I think this is what it is supposed to be like and I’m cool with it!

Sleep: I’m getting it and having really crazy dreams too.  Last night, I woke up to the sound of Archie dry-heaving and the first thought through my head was, “I almost have it figured out.”  Wonder what I was working on in dream land?  It involved a nice bear and a mean bear…

Dogs: They are doing great.  We’ve been walking every day and they LOVE it!

Working Out: I’ve been swimming or running every single day this week.  It feels really good, but still not seeing any results.  That’s beyond frustrating for more reasons than I’d like to discuss, but I’ll keep at it ’til it kills me.

Mother’s Day: I got my mom’s gift and I already told her what it is.  We are taking a cooking class together at Central Market.  It should be a blast.  I CANNOT WAIT!

Travel Mania: It starts next week.  I leave on Monday morning and don’t get back until Friday morning.  Wade leaves Thursday and doesn’t get back until Sunday.  I head out for Shreveport on Monday or Tuesday and come back Wednesday or Thursday.

My Face: I’m broken out like a 13 year old girl…this isn’t helping things.

Patience: I still have none.  The other day, I was driving home from work, thinking to myself “Wow, I’ve had this job for 1 YEAR!”  Then I remembered that it’s April and I started in January.  It is not anywhere near 1 year, but my brain is constantly on fast forward.

Life In General:  Pretty great.  I’m much happier.  Still dealing with some stuff, but I’ve got a great family, great friends, and lots of love!!!


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