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In Austin, every year Eeyore’s birthday is celebrated on April 20.  It’s kind of considered a free day and everyone participates.  Usually, students get together and bring all their baked goods to Zilker Park, right on Town Lake, for jam bands like Phish and the lesser known String Cheese Incident, drum circles and general enjoyment of life.  It’s a great day.  I’m sad I’m not celebrating, but I have had an awesome day, nonetheless.
Yesterday, I had my very first golf lesson.  I am so sore.  That’s okay though because today I had a chiropractor appointment and a massage.  I feel like a new human.  I also got a prescription for Flonase, so I can breathe and I’ll tell ya, it’s like a different world.
I also went to the gym for a swim today.  I only swam for 30 minutes, but it was a great workout.  I sat in the sauna and stretched for 15 minutes and that was pretty much heaven.  When I got home, I practiced the drills that I learned in my golf lesson and have already improved quite a bit.  I took the dogs for a walk and on our route we saw this little guy:
He’s a little early for Easter, but he’s so cute!
I was going to go for a run this evening, but I don’t want to overdo it since I’m just getting back into working out.  I’ve done plenty for the day on top of my super healthy eating for 4 days now!
I start working out with my trainer on Friday.  I’ll be going twice a week for 6 weeks and I’m looking into joining some kind of tennis program.  Wow!!!  That should keep me busy…I hope this doesn’t bust when school starts again.

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