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When I worked at Ben E. Keith, we used the term O-O-C to track beer that was out of code, or had been in stock too long after its “born on date.”  The beer wasn’t bad by any means, it just was past its point of premium quality.  My weight is O-O-C.

If someone refers to something as “Double ‘O’-C,” it means that it is out of control.  Apparently, my weight is also Double “O”-C.

There is nothing good about being on the receiving end of a comment about one’s weight:

1) Don’t you think I already know?


2) Since I just lost 8 lbs, I can’t imagine what you thought of me before that.

The truth really does hurt.  It hurts in a sad way and it hurts in an angry way.  After that, I have decided that I’m O-O-T (out of tears).  I wish my tear ducts would get that memo.  Maybe they are just getting rid of the final bits of inventory that were being stored in there.  I feel kinda numb and just shocked.  I can’t tell if things are starting to finally make sense, or if I’m more confused.  Only time will tell…

Yeah, that sucked, but I still had a great day today.  I had a long drive to Texarkana (where it’s “Twice As Nice”) and got to meet some really sweet people.  I listened to classic rock with the volume turned all the way up and the windows rolled all the way down.  It felt great!  I forgot how much I like classic rock.  I have my golf lesson rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon and I’ve got a chiropractor appt on Wednesday.  It’s looking like things are only getting better.

I’m definitely leaning on sense of humor and optimism (whether naive, or not) to get me through this…

The best way out IS through, right?!?  I can’t think of any other way I’d want to go.  I’m just thankful for my awesome friends and my incredible family.

By far, the biggest highlight of my day was an email from Wade’s mom, Carolyn, saying that his Aunt Bonnie got a new job.  We are all so proud of and happy for Bonnie!!!  I’ve been praying for Bonnie for a while and hearing that she got the job was just a sweet little reminder that He does listen.

Tomorrow is going to be another good day.  I have no doubt!


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