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Truly, today wasn’t bad, but I definitely didn’t get what I needed in any capacity.

I’m glad that I have a very witty, inappropriate and shameless group of work friends who certainly helped to get me through this day. It’s such a great reminder of just how different guys and girls think.

While I was in a training session this morning, we all kind of got yelled at for not paying attention. It put everyone in a terrible mood, but we were quickly restored to our joke-cracking, carefree selves when we received a picture via email of a small male member with a serious medical issue. Childish? Yes! Appropriate? No. Hilarious? I love the guys I work with. One of them is, by far, the most immature man I have ever met and theyall feed off of him. In any other context, we would not be friends, but the group dynamics work really well. Basically, we are comprised of an adolescent, a Mormon, a girl (me), an alcoholic, a grandpa (he’s only 35), a hipster, and a giant wuss. Somehow, it all works and they make these training sessions bearable.

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