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Now, I can finally post pics of the updates to the house!  Just a few bullet points of what we’ve done and then, THE PICTURES…

*Landscaping: We had the front yard completely redone.  They built brick boundaries around the flower beds and planted some really pretty, low maintenance flowers and bushes.  We had a tree removed and we added 5 up-lights that light up the house at night and 2 solar powered copper path lights near the entry way.  Now, the front of the house is just as pretty as the back!!!  I love it best at night, but can’t get a good picture so you’ll have to come by and see it!

*Backsplash: We replaced our old white 1980’s backsplash with really natural and contemporary rough limestone tiles.  It brightened up the whole kitchen and we are very happy with it!

*Front Door: We got a brand new front door with keyless entry.  It’s a dark brown and has a beautiful wrought iron design at the top that lets in more light and it has changed the entire house.

The flower bed at the very front of the house
matches this one.  So clean and pretty!
Walking up to our new door…you can see
the dogs peering out the window.
The view from inside.  The dark brown looks
really great with our wall colors.
Backsplash behind the sink island.  
The big wall of backsplash.  The kitchen is only
missing granite countertops and stainless
steel appliances now!

Okay, I just wanted to share that with you.

We are cleaning and getting back into a semi-normal schedule since our guests left this morning.  The trip went by so quickly and I was really sad to see everyone go.  It’s always such a let down to come home to a completely empty house when there has been so much activity around here for a week.

The Graf’s and Miller’s trip ended well.  We spent a ton of time grilling and playing a little bit of dominos.  Neal ended up going to the Rangers’ day game yesterday while the rest of us just relaxed.  Last night, we went to LoveShack in Fort Worth for dinner and then to 7th Haven for drinks on the roof.  It truly was the most perfect Texas night!  I’m glad the weather cooperated with us.  We headed home pretty early because we had to be up at 5:30 to get everyone to the airport by 6!!!  So early!!!  I came home and went back to sleep for a few hours before I went to work, but poor Wade went right to the office.  He has a softball double-header tonight so I’ll be a spectator at that and then come home to do some reports for work.  I have a feeling he’s going to be EXHAUSTED when he gets home.

As they say, “No rest for the weary!”  We have a surprise party tomorrow evening and NASCAR all day on Saturday…


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