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This day used to be just like any other day in my life, until 2007.  That’s when I started working for the Texas Rangers and Opening Day started to mean something.  At that time, it meant finally getting the pay off for my months of cold calling, follow up calls and closing.  Now, it’s just a day to celebrate with the rest of the country as America’s pastime resumes for yet, another year.  The weather is beautiful, I like my outfit for the day and my hair is super straight.  This is the perfect trifecta for me so I’m ready to get this day started!

Another great thing about Opening Day is that the Graf’s come to town.  This year, they brought Jeff and Shelly Miller, Wade’s cousin and his wife.  We couldn’t be happier to have a full house.  Unfortunately, this full house means that my dogs have forgotten my existence and couldn’t care less about getting lovin’ from their momma.  Is this what it feels like when your kids are with their grandparents?  I kinda think so.

These past couple of weeks have been extra stressful with the baby shower, out-of-town guests for that, traveling for work, preparing for our Ohio guests and this semester of school coming to an end.  I got up super early after a night of not-so-good sleep to finish my work reports and contribute a little more to my school projects that are all due tonight.

I was kind of dreading going to the game today because of all of that school work.  This is really my D-day and I feel a little irresponsible not being around to close it out, but Opening Day (like Christmas) only comes once a year and it must be observed by celebrating with friends and family.  I have no problem saying that I’m more dedicated to friends and family that Global Strategy, Business and Society, Brand Marketing and Contemporary Issues in Sports and Entertainment.

Lastly, I have finished registering for my LAST semester of school.  One of my courses includes a cruise to Mexico…a little scary, but AWESOME!

Again, Happy Opening Day!!!


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