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You might remember that I took my car in to get the engine light checked last week.  They told me that the light was a simple computer malfunction and it didn’t mean anything.  Fine.  Great.

Today as I was driving on I20 in Louisiana between Shreveport and Monroe, my car simply stopped.  I was on the freaking highway.  Thankfully, I had enough momentum to pull over to the shoulder.  I ended up coasting to a rest area which took about 15 minutes.  I was so upset; in the middle of nowhere, no gas stations around and stuck in a car that wouldn’t go over 5mph.

I called Will (my boss) to tell him and he said that we’d have to have the car towed.  I would either have to stay in Monroe until it was fixed or fly back to Dallas and fly back to get the car once it fixed, depending on how long the repair would take.  Thankfully, I turned my car off while I was on the phone and when I re-started it, it was like new.

I finished my trip and drove all the way back to Shreveport from Monroe, so at least I would be in a bigger city if anything happened.  I’m staying in the El Dorado Casino and it is beautiful.  The bathroom is huge with separate bath and shower.  I have a great view of the river and the hotel is HUGE.  It was nice to be able to order room service after this excruciatingly long day.

Now, I’ve got lots of school and lots of rest for lots of driving tomorrow.


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