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Well, they are actually here. During some of my travels for work, I was pleasantly surprised by my first (and very early) spotting of Texas’ state flower! IT IS SPRING!

This has been an incredibly busy week and the weekend will be no different, but I’m very excited to get the baby shower prep and festivities under way. Once this is over, I’ll be packing for my trip on Monday. Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be home until Wednesday and the Graf’s and Miller’s get in Thursday morning. Here’s my tentative life schedule from that point (this is for my sanity and your enjoyment):

Friday, April 1: opening day
Weekend of April 8th: tms or Shreveport for the weekend
April 11-15: goshen, Indiana for work training
May 5-8: wade in Miami for a bachelor party
May 9: my 29th b-day
May 12-14: work at an RV dealers open house (uggghhhh..not fun)
May 14: last semester of school begins
June 22: wades b-day
July 12: johns b-day
July 25-29: training for work in Atlanta

I get myself so worked up about this stuff. I really am just trying to take it one day at a time, but it totally goes against my nature.

I keep praying that things will settle down after I’m done with school, but I know myself…I’ll find a new way to fill the time.

Prayers for my review in the morning!

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