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That’s who rode with me today as I drove up to Paris and back home through Sherman.  This guy was great.  He definitely made the day go by faster and I appreciated that, as I have a TON to get done.  I’m trying to do school for this week and as much of next week’s assignments as possible because of my guests on Friday night and baby shower on Saturday.  Things are going to stay pretty hectic from here on out.  That’s the way I like it…I guess.

Wade got home at 5 yesterday and I made mashed potatoes and spinach and feta stuffed salmon for dinner. It was pretty delish!  We didn’t do much of anything once he got unpacked.  We watched a little basketball (I’m so tired of Texas sucking at EVERYTHING!), did a little school and watched 2 episodes of Sopranos.

I got up at 6:30 this morning and felt like I slept well for the first time in weeks.  That was nice and much needed.  I drank my full glass of water, went downstairs to feed the pups, got my SPARK out of the fridge and took my other two AdvoCare supplements.  I went back upstairs hopped in the bath and read two chapters of the Bible.  Then, I got dressed and headed back downstairs with my SPARK and got myself a big glass of my green, vegetable smoothie.

I ate crap for lunch, but it was good…shrimp enchiladas at Jalapeno Tree in Sherman.  YUMMMMM!!!

Well, I’ve gotta get back to the school stuff!


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