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I got to go swimming yesterday!!!  It was so great.  After work and several errands, I took the dogs over to Grandma Nancy’s house for dip.  It was fantastic.  Mack jumped right in.  Archie hates the water, but he had fun anyway.  It’s hilarious how much Mack loves my mother.  She just floats around the pool, laying on my mom’s chest.  Here’s a picture of Mack wasting no time getting into Grandma’s pool:

I feel so happy that I can spend so much time with my mom.  We always seem to laugh almost to the point of tears every time we’re together. Yesterday was great and now I’m even more excited about summer!!!
I got a very pleasant surprise last night in the form of a best friend!  Kristen came over and we had margaritas.  I had no idea she was even in town!!!  It was a much needed get-together and I am truly thankful for the best friends in the world.  I feel really lucky to have been around the same bunch since about 7th grade.  

I did a little work this morning, got my reports done and headed to the Arlington Farmer’s Market.  I bought 3 hanging plants for the pergola (pursalane…I think).  Anyway, they are beautiful.  I also got sage, more rosemary (to replace my dead bush), thyme and basil.  I hope I don’t kill them!!!  I’ve already got everything potted and have included a picture of my basil and the thyme and sage:
The house is a total zoo.  I can’t begin to tell you how many people we’ve got over here…the carpet cleaner, others and my mom is on her way so that I can head to my doctor’s appointment.  Chuck (the HOA president) is definitely not going to be happy with our little Friday afternoon traffic jam.  Oh well…F*** Chuck!  
I’ve got defensive driving and school planned for tonight.  Should be awesome…
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