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Well, I went to two accounts today.  I didn’t go to Texarkana like I expected to because of my lack of sleep last night.  At least I still got something done.  I have found the frozen cookie dough that I made the other day very comforting during my little spell of depression.  This is bad because I will hate myself tomorrow for having eaten it.  The vicious cycle continues…

I am supposed to have a meeting with one of my class groups tonight and I cancelled.  Since Wade leaves in the morning, I want to spend some quality time with him.  I hope he doesn’t have a ton of studying to do.  I so wish I was heading to the desert tomorrow.  I love that super hot sun and the lazy river.  Instead, I’m going to try to go to my Mom’s to hang out at her pool in the afternoon.  I’m thinking I’ll bring my music and something delicious and alcoholic to drink.

When I close my eyes I’ll pretend like there’s sand beneath my feet and palm trees swaying in the wind…AHHHHhhhhhhhh…yep, that’s what I’ll do.

I’ve got a ton to do while Wade’s gone; school, plant some flowers in my hanging flowers, replace my dead rosemary (I can’t believe my mint came back), get stuff for the upcoming baby shower at Target, plan meals for when the company arrives, grocery shop for the company and sooooooo much more.

My little lizard hunter is back in business again.  I saw the dogs playing in the office and upon investigation, they were torturing a lizard.  It was a big one.  I got their attention and led them away from the little guy, but I couldn’t get to it before Mack swiped it up with its tail hanging out of the side of her mouth.  I got the dogs outside and said a little prayer for green reptile that surely lost his life.  Since then, Mack has puked twice.  I have no doubt that the lizard is no longer with us.

We took a little nap on the hammock (all three of us).  That’s really my favorite thing in the world; just swaying in the breeze with the dogs.  It was kind of cold outside today because the sun was hiding behind some gray clouds.  In fact, I think it’s sprinkling a little bit right now.  That does not stop Mack from begging to find more victims lizards.

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