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I spend a lot of time driving in and around the tiny towns in Texas that give us our redneck reputation.  Yesterday was no different.  I spent a lot of my time lost.  I went into a gas station to ask for directions.  The female clerk with no teeth had no clue what I was talking about and she sent me to the “restaurant side” of the gas station to ask the “men” for directions.  I took two steps over to the “restaurant side” and it was full of men.  There were probably 6 of them.  All older.  All wearing boots.  All with Yosemite Sam facial hair.  Instead of quietly asking one of them, I stood at the front of the room like I was going to present an award and said very loudly, “I’m looking for Explore USA.  Would any of you gentlemen know which way I need to go?”

One extremely gruff and rugged man in the back said, “Sugar, you from Dallas?”
“I sure I am,” I said with a smile…I soooo knew what was coming.
I thanked him and told him I liked it out there, but I didn’t like being lost.  He kindly gave me directions and I was on my way, but not before running into an ostrich and some camels.  Obviously, I had to stop and take pictures:
Later that day, I was told that I should get a CHL.  I had no idea what that even was until “we” started discussing whether a semi-automatic or a revolver would be more appropriate for me.  A CHL is a concealed handgun license.  Me?  Get one?  Yeah right.  I hate guns.  The only time I ever shot one was at the shooting range with my Dad and I cried.  
But, this is Texas…God’s country.
In other news, I’m getting a ton of things marked off of my incredibly long to-do list and it feels great.  I just wish I could stop adding things!!!
Okay, I’ve got projects, work and school to deal with today.  Hopefully, I’ll get to draw a big red line through a few more things on my list!
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