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I’m so glad it’s the weekend.  Yesterday was so long.  I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch until 3:30.  I thought I was going pass out.  It was a very busy day for me and around the world.  The second I got in the car at 7AM yesterday, I heard that Chuck Greenberg was resigning from the Rangers…crazy!  Shortly after that, my morning radio station informed me of the major earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  What a tragedy?!?  I’ve definitely been praying for everyone affected.

I had training meetings all day for work.  It wasn’t too bad because I actually learned quite a bit and I got a chance to spend time with the other outside reps in my region.  It was good to hear their perspectives on the job.  I laughed because when I first started, they were like, “this job is so easy, you might work 30-35 hours a week.”

This time, they were like, “See?  Didn’t we tell you that you’d work 15 hours a week…MAX?”

I said, “Next time I see you guys you’re going to be down to 5 hours a week!”

I compare this job to being a pothead (I’m sure my parents and grandparents appreciate that…sorry guys).  I’m perfectly content, but I’m definitely going to get lazy.  Now, don’t worry, I had to take a little trip down memory lane to my college years to remember what that was even like, but the comparison is spot on and I think I turned okay despite my experimental years.  Anyway, I can feel my aspirations being sucked right out of me.  Like I said before, this job will be perfect when I have others things to deal with – like kids.  Until then, I guess I’ll have to deal with the great schedule, company car and 0 pressure.  It sounds easy, but it’s not quite as simple as it seems.

I took a little nap after I had dinner last night and spent the rest of the evening watching TV/Sopranos in preparation for a busy and productive day today.  When Wade got up, he went to starbucks and got me my croissant and some coffee.  That really makes a Saturday morning!  He’s so great!  I’ve gotten a ton of school done, gone to the grocery store, had lunch and all while the projects continue around this place.

It’s a beautiful day, but I’ve got so much to do indoors.  I can’t wait for 100 degrees and swimming pools!

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