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It’s windy and things are ‘a changin’ around here.  There is so much going on around this house right now and it’s going to continue throughout the weekend.  I can’t really give details at this point, it would ruin the element of surprise, but it’s safe to say that every week is busier and more productive than the last.  I just don’t know how long we can continue this frantic pace.

I’m so jealous that Wade will be heading out to AZ for spring training next week.  That’s one trip that I will really miss.  I always used that time just for me.  I really didn’t socialize, I just relaxed and did my own thing.  I mentioned earlier that I’ve been craving a beach, well, AZ would have sufficed.

I got an email back from my advisor yesterday.  He advised me that if I want to graduate with a Sports & Entertainment Management concentration that I would have to wait until December.  My other option is to have an Interdisciplinary concentration and finish in August.  I am TORN.  I’ve worked so hard toward the S&E concentration and I know that, were I ever to go back into the industry, it would truly set me apart from my competition.  I also feel like I’ve kinda given up on my sports industry career by leaving the Rangers and this would be the final nail in the coffin.

To be frank, I’m tired of giving things up and getting nothing in return.  There’s really no other way to say it.  I feel like a little kid who is being told that I’ll get my candy if I just make my bed.  I do it.  Then, there’s the ole “I meant make your bed and clean your room.”

Even with all this, I’m still doing great though.  I’m excited about spring and summer and I love my schedule.  I’ve figured that out, by the way.  I don’t necessarily love my JOB, I just love the schedule.  I hate the money, but I like not paying for gas.  After my blog yesterday about dreaming bigger, have I settled?

Oh, what do I do????

For now, I’ll just enjoy this beautiful day, naps on the hammock with my puggle bulls and the best friends and family a girl could ask for.


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