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So, all weekend, my girlfriends and I have been chatting via an extensive email chain. The title: Can you name a fat kid Henry?

Obviously, it has been a pretty hilarious chain. Earlier, when I mentioned that Wade and I won the parent lottery, I should also have mentioned that we won the friend lottery.

I should probably tell you a little more about my weekend. I found out that I may not graduate in August. One of the last 4 classes that I need to take is not being offered during the summer. The class is “Event & Facilities Management.”. Ummmmmm, didn’t I kinda do that for 4 years with the rangers? I have an email in to my advisor to see what can be done. This was utterly devastating to me though. I cannot imagine 9 more months of school. I guess it would be like giving birth to my MBA. Talk about anticipation?!?

Still waiting in the cell. At least this bailiff is pretty funny. I wonder how long she’s been doing this. I’m bored and I’ve only been here for two hours. She’s bend doing this every single day for who knows how long!!!

I’ll tell ya, my knee is really hurting. It’s my right one (not my surgery knee). I think I overdid it in my workouts this weekend.

Oh, here’s another story for ya. I’m really nervous about jury duty. As an intern for the NBC affiliate in Austin, during my last semester of undergrad at UT, I had to cover a double murder. At first, I was excited. It was an honor to be trusted with such a big story and I had zero experience in a court setting. I had no idea what I was in for. So, the last day of the trial, I was dropped off at the court by a station vehicle. This is typical because the news only wants to report the verdict. I found the courtroom and quietly seated myself in the back. Proceedings had already started, but the defense and the prosecution were prepping for closing statements.

Unfortunately, that meant a recap of the whole trial. It was terrible. There was so much devastation. The families were best friends. The wives/mothers worked together at a school where both had children in attendance. One of the husbands went on a rage, went to the school and shot the other wife. Then, he drove to yer husband’s place of work and shot him. To hear the details and see the evidence was the most disturbing thing that has ever happened to me. Up to that point, I had some doubts about going into the broadcast field. I had been too worried about what my Dad would say if I tried to switch things up that late in the game. I was also really excited about graduating early so, I stuck it out. It was then, though, that I knew I would not want to be around that kind of sadness ever again.

After the verdict (guilty) was read, I left the courtroom crying. I gathered myself on the steps while I waited for someone from the station to pick me up. It was lonely and I will never forget it. It was so strange to have been in that courtroom and then to walk outside and think, “nobody out here knows what’s going on. They don’t have a clue.”.

It was a beautiful hill-country kind of day and people we enjoying it; walking and talking outside, laughing and inside the courthouse, on the third floor. Children were left without parents. Two families had been forever changed.

When I was talking to my mom about it at dinner last night, I cried. It’s 8 years later. I’m waiting for my assignment, praying that I don’t get something even close to that.

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