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The other night I had a very weird dream.  I woke up and just had the worst feeling.  I haven’t been able to shake it since then.  I don’t even know what the “worst” feeling is.  I just know that the dream I had must have really stirred something deep inside.  I think it was vulnerability or hurt…whatever it was, it was empty and I don’t ever want to feel like that in real life.  Even thinking about it makes me want to puke.

So, that take care of the “Dream” portion of this blog title.  Let’s move on to “Spider Bites.”

On Monday of this week my ear started hurting really, really bad.  It was inside the top arch of my ear, so I knew it wasn’t an infection or anything like that.  It felt like a bruise.  Tuesday, it was THROBBING it hurt so bad.  I still didn’t do anything.  By Wednesday, I decided I’d take a look at it.  Using a small hand mirror, I strategically positioned myself in the bathroom mirror so I could kind of see inside that fold of my ear.  I couldn’t see much, but I did notice it was purple.  So, I called Nurse Nancy.  I told her about it and she said to have Wade look at it, but having a bruise on your ear wasn’t totally uncommon.  I just had no idea how it could have gotten there.

When Wade got home, he confirmed that my ear was, indeed purple and that was that.  On Thursday, we had Nurse Nancy over for pizza and margaritas.  She took a look at my ear, which was no longer hurting and Wade actually said it looked worse than it did the day before.  Since it wasn’t hurting, I concluded that (as with most bruises) it would look worse before it started to look better and I was sure I’d be fine.

Well, Friday afternoon, it was hurting a little bit and I put my cold hand up to my ear to soothe it.  I felt a huge bump and looked at my hand.  There was blood and I knew that wasn’t right.  I called my mom and she said to go to Care Now.  So, I spent my Friday afternoon at the emergency clinic and that is not what I had in mind for the start to my weekend.  When the doctor came in, she took a look and said, “OH MY!”

I didn’t know what to think at this point.  Were they going to have to amputate???  Would I lose my hearing???  Yeah, I know I’m a little dramatic, but you try being rational when your ear is bleeding.

I told the Dr. about the pain and she said it looked like I had a pretty bad spider bite in my ear and that it was now infected.  She was going to prescribe 3 antibiotics, but could only give me 1 since I’m allergic to everything under the sun.  I also got a topical cream to put on it.  She said that my infection would be tough to beat and that I needed to keep an eye it.  AWESOME!  Who gets a spider bite IN their ear???
She said it happens more than I would imagine.  I guess that made me feel a little better.  So I’m on antibiotics, which should also take care of my 3-month sinus infection.  I hate taking medicine, but this is definitely necessary.

Last night, Wade and I went to dinner at The Keg and it made me realize how spoiled we are.  The steaks were so not on par with Chophouse or Lonesome Dove.  We did a little shopping to complement our new home improvement projects and then came home and watched Sopranos.  It was a good night.  We both went to bed really early.

Today, he’s got a golf lesson and I’ve got…..(wait for it)…..(wait for it)…..SCHOOL!  Who would have thought?  I’m also trying to figure out a budget.  I really do love my job, but I never expected to have such a difficult time with the difference in pay.  I just don’t have the means to be as spontaneous as I used to.  I know money does not bring happiness, but it sure does bring convenience and I miss it.  I just have so many things that I want to do right now; the baby shower, Napa, contribute to our projects around here.  If this was last year, I could do all those things and plenty more.  The lesson here is that there is ALWAYS a lesson.  I’m learning about trade-offs right now and although it isn’t easy, apparently I needed it.  So, I’ll reflect on what I’m going through, hopefully, become a better, more well-rounded person for having gone through it and be able to move on to my next life lesson a little wiser.

Now, I want to share with you a little something that brightened my dreary day (literally, it’s VERY gray outside)…

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