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That’s how my Starbucks charges show up on my bank account.  I really don’t go there all too often because I’m not really a coffee drinker, but I do like the “S*BUX” abbreviation and my occasional iced, grande, non-fat, chai tea latte’ and a croissant.  There’s this man that sits outside of our Starbucks every single morning.  He opens the door for every person going in a coming out.  If you’ve pulled through the drive-through, he yells, “HAVE A SUPER DAY!”

At first, I was totally weirded out by this, but when we went to Starbucks this weekend and he wasn’t there, I got kind of concerned.  I was very glad to see him today when I drove through the drive-through on my way to Abilene (West Texas).  He’s just a kind man trying to brighten people’s days and I appreciate him, but I guess that even he needs to take weekends off!

My trip to Abilene was long.  I know my job sounds kinda super-easy because I’m done by 2PM at the very latest every single day, but it certainly is not easy driving as many hours as I do.  I usually leave the house by 8 and I’m in the car for about 6 hours every single day.  By the time I get home, I really am worn out.

I’ve seen a couple of pretty cool things lately.  Today, I saw two horses, a brown one and a white one, just running.  It was so pretty.  There was an open field and their manes and tails were blowing in the wind.  Who knows…they might have been fighting and chasing each other to settle things, but it looked really peaceful and I’m always thankful to get to see things like that.  Yesterday I saw two longhorns with their horns locked and they were fighting.  That was pretty awesome!!!

I’ve got some training in the morning at my biggest account and then I’m working out, running errands and getting my facial.  I’m pretty stoked.  Tomorrow evening, Wade and I are going to dinner in the Highlands and then, we’re looking for a table to put in the entry way.  I’ve got school on Saturday morning and Wade has golf lessons.  I’m making some fried chicken for lunch and then we’re heading to church.  I’m looking forward to it!!!


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