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What exactly does “Thursday” feel like???  THIS!  Unfortunately, it’s only Wednesday.  I’ve had a rather productive week, but I am kinda dreading my trip to Abilene tomorrow.  It’s just such a long drive.  I have continued my awesome work-outs (still no results).  I have a physical on Friday, March 18th to get things checked out.  If nothing is wrong, I might beg for lap-band or some kind of legal cocaine.  I’m so tired of NOT losing weight.

This Friday, I have a facial and I can’t wait.  I’m also wrapping up a lot of loose ends with my taxes, etc and doing grocery shopping.  My mission to get the pantry and the fridge cleaned out is going quite well.  We’ve had some creative dinners and tried things that were likely to sit in the freezer until the end of eternity.  Yesterday, I made baked horseradish-parmesan-potato chip salmon with spinach and pasta roni shells and cheese.  It was pretty good and I was proud of it because I literally made it up.  I was able to get rid of the last of our salmon, a can of spinach, a box of pasta, an old bag of potato chips and 1/8 bag of shredded parmesan.  I don’t know why we have horseradish at all and I have no clue how I’ll get rid of the rest of it.  That stuff is so potent!

I tried to post a lecture that I created for one of my classes yesterday, but no such luck.  For some reason, I just can’t get video to load on this thing.  I’ve gotten back some of my grades from my mid-terms and I did extremely well.  I’m a little relieved about that.  Right now, my big school project is a global strategy simulation.  I am in a group with 3 other people and we are managers of an international shoe company with plants in North America and Europe.  We have to meet all these shareholder expectations in regard to revenue, sales, EPS, ROI and image rating while dealing with exchange rates and the other four groups from our class that is our competition.  We won the practice round by leaps and bounds, but now everyone has a chance to go back and change their decisions.  In addition to that.  I also have 2 really big papers along with the normal busy-work that is assigned every week.

When is Spring Break???

Oh, guess what?!?!

I have jury duty on Monday.  I’ve never had it before.  I’m not excited about it, but it will be interesting at the very least.  I also have regional meetings on Thursday and Friday of next week with my whole team. I’ll be excited to see everyone (they are coming to Arlington) and get to know them better, but it’s really gonna be a VERY busy week…actually, it’s really going to be a VERY busy MONTH!

I have jury duty and my meetings next week, Wade goes to spring training the week after that, Steph comes into town and we’re throwing a baby shower on the 26th and then, the Graf’s & Millers come into town for Opening Day!  It’s practically April!!!  And, please, don’t even get me started on April…

Just the other day, I realized that Wade and I have an incredibly busy year with travel, etc and none of it is together – just us.  It’s work trips, bachelor parties, girls’ trips and family trips.  I’m really craving a beach vacation for two.  That’s probably going to have to wait until 2012.  According to those crazy Mayans, we should have at least until December 12, 2012 to fit that in.  Hopefully, we can make that happen.  Until then, work, working out, a little play and lots of school!!!


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