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What a week/past several days it has been?!?! I don’t remember what my last blog was about, so i’ll try to catch everyone up to speed. Please forgive me if I am repetitive. Let’s start with last Friday…

After Wade got home from work (I usually don’t work on Fridays), he picked me up and we went to Chuy’s, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. The food was delicious and so were the happy hour margs. We hung out at home that night and planned to do school, church and grocery shopping for our little dinner party on Sunday evening. Naturally, things didn’t go as planned. Wade saw that our sprinkler heads in the front yard were leaking so he had a plumber come out. When the guy arrived, he told us that the heads were broken, but with a quick look at our pipes, he noticed our water was leaking. We had no water for a couple of hours. During that time, Wade invited my mom and Bob over for steak dinner. I went to the grocery store to purchase items for what was now 2 steak dinners. The first was simple; steak, roasted potatoes, peas and corn. The Sunday night dinner was a Lonesome Dove recipe and was very complex. Anyway, I got all the stuff and headed home. We didn’t turn on the water until 5 minutes before our guests walked in the door.

Wade and I got to work in the kitchen while Bob and my mom talked to us. It was great. We always have a great time. The steaks weren’t quite done By the time the corn and peas were done so I put them, along with their serving spoons into the microwave in order to stay warm. My Mom and Bob watched in horror. The look on their faces was priceless. They thought I was going to turn on the microwave and the metals spoons would blow up. I had no intentions of doing so, but after I saw the terror on their faces, I scolded them for assuming my lack of kitchen know-how and told them I would keep their vegetables “warm” in the fridge. We all had a good laugh.

After dinner, we played a game of skip-Bo with my mom and then headed home. Just to be safe, Wade went out to check our pipes and, sure enough, they were leaking again. We already missed church on Saturday because of the plumber and we ended up spending all morning Sunday waiting for the plumber again. We were supposed to go to the TCU baseball game and I decided not to go. Instead, I got started on our elaborate dinner recipe. Thank goodness that I did. If not, we wouldn’t have eaten dinner until midnight. Excuse my French, but it was a huge pain in the a$$.

I had to Juliane every vegetable known to man and even though the dinner was awesome, I may never make it again. We were supposed to eat at 6:30 and didn’t end up sitting down with our guests, Chad and Cat, until 7:45. Again, I will toot my own horn; THE DINNER WAS AMAZING, but I hated to eat it because it was such hard work! After Chad and Cat left, we cleaned up and headed to bed. Monday morning came quickly and we both had busy days with work and school.

That brings us to right now! It’s Tuesday and we both have busy days with work and school AGAIN. What do ya know????

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