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I’m on a conference call right now.  I’m also switching between an mid-term and my blog.  This is the ultimate in multi-tasking…I feel very accomplished right now!  Thankfully, I have these two to help me out…

I cannot wait until I’m done with finals…cannot WAIT!  I officially applied for graduation yesterday.  They charged me $150.  What a crock?!?!  Haven’t I already paid enough???  Oh well, it was one more encouraging step to the end of this MBA.

I have been keeping a new schedule and I’m really liking it.  I wake up around 7AM and go for my 2 mile run/walk.  Once I get home, I immediately start my Insanity workouts, which are kicking my butt!  It feels really good though.  After that, I take my bath and do my daily Bible reading.  By the time I’m dressed and ready for the day, it’s 9:15 and I head out the door to visit my accounts.  I have really enjoyed getting my workouts in at the beginning of the day!

I’m on a mission to get the fridge and pantry cleaned out.  We have so many different frozen foods and boxed foods…I want them gone.  So, we’re having hamburger helper for dinner tonight along with some canned green beans.  I hate canned foods.  I have never liked them (unless it’s soup).  Considering how full we are, it looks like this could take a couple of months.  My goal is to be relatively cleaned out by the 25th of March.  Just add it to the list…


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