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There aren’t many things that I like doing before 8AM, but running is one of them.  It’s not too hot yet and it’s just a great way to start the day.  Now, I have walked 2 miles every day this week and all week, I had planned on running 2 miles on Saturday.  Please don’t tell my brain, but I’m pretty sure I’ve tricked myself into training for another marathon.

Anyway, I got up to run two miles for the first time since probably early November.  It is astounding to me that in October I ran 26.2 miles and today, I could hardly run 2.2 miles.  The good news is that I ran it in 21 min. 45 sec. which is faster than my normal mile pace of 12min/mile.  I suppose that wasn’t enough humble pie for breakfast, so I’m heading up to the golf course to meet Wade and learn a bit.

I feel thankful that I have been naturally decent at any athletic endeavor I have participated in.  I credit this to my early involvement in several different sports and my competitive nature.  Unfortunately, this has not been my experience at golf.  So, I’ll follow up my humble breakfast with a humble lunch and then, I’ll be humbled in the house of God.  Sounds like a great day to me!!!


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