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I’m blogging from the bathtub. I love love love hot baths. Every morning, I drink a full glass of water, get the hot water flowing and just sit in the bath for 5 minutes. Then, I read at least one chapter of The Bible and I am ready to face any day. YAY for baths!!!

Yesterday was the best, most fun and enjoyable day that I’ve had in a long time. It started off with Wade getting me my Saturday coffee at Starbucks. We both did a little school and around 10:30, he told me to get dressed, we were going to run an errand. You know how demanding he can be!?!? Totally kidding…but I did get dressed and we headed out the door. He quickly revealed that I was about to get my Valentine’s Day present since I’ll be traveling for work on Monday. This made me VERY happy because I’ve been wanting to give him his gift for like a month now.

So, we start driving and he says, “well, it’s not going to be romantic…we’re going to Lowes.”

Sure enough, it looked like we were going to Lowes. I had no idea what to expect, but he never disappoints, so I wasn’t worried one bit. We ended up turning down a residential street and I was very confused. When we got to the end of the street, we were at Waterchase Golf Course. Neither of us knew it was so close to the house. We walked into the golf school that they have there, which is amazing and I received 3 lessons and we are getting a membership. Now, this was such a beautiful day that I was ready to start right then and there. We took a tour of all the facilities and saw all the amazing technology that they use to analyze your swing, etc. It was a little overwhelming, but I’m so excited to get started. There’s no way that my game won’t improve. In fact, I already got better when I found out that there was a difference between women’s and men’s balls (insert funny, but crude joke here).

We went to lunch at Chipotle and then, when we got home, I gave Wade his gift. He got cards from me and both of the dogs and he also got some really nice Ugg house shoes. Now that Tom Brady endorses Uggs for men, I told him it was okay for guys to wear Uggs. He was quick to point out all the other similarities the he and Tom Brady share like, dark hair, good looks, and I added “supermodel girlfriend.”

We spent the afternoon watching a great Ohio State basketball game and sitting outside to enjoy the weather. We went to church at 5 and the service was, as usual. In his intro, Pastor Morris told us about his next series and that he’s using a sermon that he did about 7 years ago. He assured everyone there that it would be different if they had already heard it. He said, “Don’t worry. I will study again and I will have new revelations that I will share with you.”

Out of his whole sermon, this is what stuck with me…his absolute confidence. I think I spend a lot of time hoping for God to be in my life and that’s pretty weak. I can know that He will be there, just like Pastor Morris and to be honest, that’s a really great feeling.

After church we head to McAlister’s Deli. We parked and I was about to get out of the car when Wade said, “we’re going somewhere different today.”. We headed of to Fort Worth to have a couple of drinks at Lonesome Dove. He had the cucumber jalapeño margarita and I had the strawberry rhubarb mojito…delicious! After that, we went to Sundance for dinner at Chophouse, which we’ve decided is our “go-to” restaurant. Our reservations were for 8 and we thought they were for 8:30, but they got us seats at the bar and said to have a few drinks while we waited for our table. By this time, it was getting late and we had plenty of drinks, but no food in our bellies. We finally got a table around 9:30 and order calamari right away. We devoured it. As far as I’m concerned, Chophouse has THE BEST calamari in the world! We ordered our meals shortly after and I enjoyed some celebratory red meat! What a fantastic meal!?!? We took a cab home and when we got to the house, we realized that we had no way to get in. Our only chance was that the back door was unlocked. Wade jumped the fence as I stood out front with the cab driver and his sister, from Lebanon. I was elated to see the foyer light come on. That was the end of our night and it was perfect!!! That brings me to the bath tub…

The water is getting cool, it’s time to re-heat or get out so I need to get going…

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