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You know those times when you feel like every aspect of your life is converging???  Well, I’m having one of those times.  The content of my classes are crossing over into one another so much that I can’t even figure out which class I’m reading for when I study.  The parallels with the events taking place all over the world are uncanny, as well.  On Sunday, church really just completed the entire circle for me.  

It’s a moment when you feel that all things are so connected and for a split second you think that you can comprehend how and why.  And then, it flits away and you have no chance of trying to recapture it.  It’s something that has to come naturally, but when it does, it is so exhilarating and calming; emotional and empty.  It’s beautiful and I’m thankful for it.
Speaking of connecting a circle, lately my mother and I have been reminiscing about a zebra that used to live in Colleyville.  When I was younger, my friends and I would also rollerblade or walk to see the zebra.  It was pretty famous around the mid-cities.  Well, after years of not thinking about the zebra at all and having randomly brought it up last week, my mom told me that the zebra died on Wednesday.  It was 27 years old.  Now, I know that zebras don’t belong in Colleyville, but I have to think he/she had a pretty good life.  I mean, 27 years is a long time…I think…
Oh, I’ve been so busy with school, but I wanted to make sure I blogged for Nancy.  Now, I’m going to let off some steam and play a quick level or two of Angry Birds.
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