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Okay, folks!  This is absolutely crazy.  DISD, FWISD and AISD all closed 4 days in a row!!!  I didn’t work on Tuesday.  In fact, Wade and I took an incredibly long nap with the dogs.  That was awesome.  On Wednesday, I couldn’t stay inside and decided to visit a couple of local account.  2 were closed and 2 were closing early.  Yesterday was a school extravaganza.  I got ahead for next week and today, I have NOTHING to do since I’ve seen all my accounts that are close by.

I’ve already played in the snow with the dogs.  All three of us forget that underneath all that pretty snow, there’s ice.  We all took a tumble or two.  Some of us (Me and Mack), more gracefully than others (Archie).  I love to eat the snow.  It tastes so different that you expect it to every single time, but it is DELICIOUS!

I’m hoping to go to the movies and see Black Swan.  I’ll probably do a little bit more school and I’ll probably play a little bit more with the dogs.  All in all, it’s been a pretty great week, but I’m looking forward to getting my routine back once this winter wonderland melts away.

I’ve been sooooo stressed out.  I’m trying to sell my car, I’m trying to pay off my credit card (I haven’t had a balance in years and that is just miserable), I’m trying to save money, I’m trying to learn a new job and I’m trying to take 4 classes.  AHHHHHHHHH.  Oh yeah, throw in taxes and trying to get my student loan money!!!  Well, thankfully, Wade and these two keep me sane..

I wish I had video of this.  They were going NUTS!


Archie loved eating the snow just as much as I did.  He’s in heaven out there!
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