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Welp, those glorious days that made my mouth water for summer seem like they were months ago.  I’m looking out the window into the backyard, watching snow fall.  There is a thick layer of ice all over the ground and the dogs are having so much fun slipping and sliding across the patio.

The sleet and snow were constant last night.  The dogs kept waking up because of the ice hitting the windows on the house and the howling wind.  I don’t think anyone slept well, but it’s always to magical to wake up to a blanket of white outside.  For the first time in as long as I can remember, all the major ISD’s are shut down.  Dallas practically never closes, but it’s THAT icy outside.

I’m not leaving the house today.  It will be a great day to get a lot of school done and try to catch up on my exercising.  Super Bowl traffic is also starting to pick up around here.  I dread leaving the house because I never know how long it will take me to get home.

Okay, I’ve got a global strategy lecture to listen to…BLLLLAAAAHHHHHH!

Happy Snow Day!

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