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Wow!!!  Another b-e-a-u-tiful day!  I know the weather is supposed to get bad next week (ice, rain, etc.), but I just can’t fathom that right now.  I hopped on the elliptical this morning and then, I took the dogs for a mile walk.  I’m getting ready to create my school “to-do” list and then, I’ll head out to get my brazilian blow-out (the best thing that ever happened to my curly head).

I’ve got quite a bit to get done this weekend.  I also need to gather all my stuff for my income taxes and get prepared for my crazy next week at work.  I was so happy to get so many little things done yesterday, like laundry, poop patrol, etc.  It will let me focus on more important things this weekend.

Last night, Wade and I went to Chuy’s for dinner.  I could eat mexican food every day of the week, but Chuy’s is a personal favorite.  Also, I’ve eaten amazingly well all week long, so I didn’t hesitate to treat myself.  I ate enough chips and queso for a small army.  They also have this creamy jalapeno ranch dip that is to die for.  I had fish tacos.  Well, actually, I had one fish taco.  I didn’t eat much of my entree’ because I was saving room for a sopapilla.  YUM!  We also splurged with swirl margaritas.

I’ve decided that, instead of abstaining entirely from drinking, I will limit myself to a two drink maximum.  That way I can still partake.  And, let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a margarita (especially when it’s 80 degrees in January).  Also, I am pescatarian.  I will eat fish occasionally.  It’s just so difficult to not eat any meat, driving through these super small towns that only have Wendy’s or Sonic.

Okay…one last thing.  I want to lose 20 lbs by March 27.  That gives me two months to get busy.  I’m starting my Insanity workouts again on Tuesday and I’m going to continue eating healthy (except for the occasional treat).  I should be able to do it.  Let me re-phrase this…I want to lose 10 lbs by February 27.  I’ll start there.

Okay…hope everyone enjoys the weekend!!!


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