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It is an absolutely glorious day.  The sun is shining.  It’s warm and there’s a nice breeze.  Days like today are the reason that I live in Texas.  There’s so much excitement around town too.  People are buzzing about the Super Bowl and I have to say that I am a very proud native North Texan.  I can’t believe that my city is going to have the biggest game in the world!!!  How exciting?!?

I had an easy day at work today.  I finished by noon, so I treated myself to lunch before I came home, did laundry, poop patrol and gathered the trash for trash day tomorrow.  Once all that was done, I decided to take advantage of this late-January sunshine and hit the trail on my bike.  I rode to the park, like I normally do and once I got there, I decided to take a different route.  Now, keep in mind that I’m the girl who goes out just a little too far in the ocean, puts her toes a little too close to the fire and makes right hand turns that are a little too close for comfort.  I wouldn’t say that I live on the edge, just near it.

Well, I had all afternoon to ride my bike and I wanted to go far, so down the trail I went.  Everything was great.  Beautiful old trees, mossy green grass, flowing streams and birds zooming in front of me as I made my way down the path.  The further out I got, the fewer people I saw.  There’s such a great feeling of alone-ness when you know it’s just you and nature.  I had gone quite a way and thought it would be a good time to turn around.  I started pedaling and went pretty hard for about a mile when I saw a huge cat.

Nope, it wasn’t a cat at all.  It was a bobcat.  It was walking in the same direction I was going.  To anthropomorphize (thanks for that word, Dad), it looked like a hungover human just trying to make it’s way back to the bar to pick up the debit card that he/she left there the previous night.  Now, I know that’s a pretty vivid description, but if you could have seen this animal saunter and slink along the trail, you would agree.  Anyway, I put on the brakes and came to a screeching halt.  The cat looked back at me, very annoyed and then turned around and just kept zig-zagging along the trail.

My mind was racing.  I just knew this cat was going to pounce the second I turned away from it.  I got off my bike and started to turn it around, watching the bobcat the whole time.  When I felt like he wasn’t going to come after me, I hopped on and pedaled my heart out.  I was trying to think of other ways to get home, but really, there were none.  I made it back to the point where I had turned around and realized that I must have ridden past that bobcat on my to that point.  Just as I was considering speeding past the animal with all I had, I saw an older woman (probably 60) riding toward me on her bike.  I tried to stop her, but she just said, “Bobcat?  Follow me.”

I hopped back on my bike so quickly, but there was no way I could keep up with this lady.  She was so freaking fast…and 60.  Man, I’m out of shape.  So, I followed her past the bobcat, best as I could.  When she sped past him, she rang a bell and I’ll tell you, if that cat could talk, he would say, “shut the h*** up.”  He really was annoyed with all these people.

My heart was racing so fast, but I just pedaled away.  Once I got a good distance between me and the bobcat, I turned around to look and he had gone into the woods.  I looked ahead to thank the lady and she was gone.  Whewww…..I’m getting a bell for my bike.

Welp, it’s officially the weekend now!  I’ve got lots of school planned, church, a little relaxing and that’s about it.


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