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Well, this job is quite an interesting thing.  I really, really love the hours.  For instance, I was done at 1PM today.  I really, really hate the driving.  I am literally driving 6 hours a day.  It hurts my back, my hips and my neck.  I like the people.  I like the stress level.  I truly think that this would be the perfect job for three years from now.

This is my dilemma and it’s probably a little too personal for the blog, but I’m in a sharing mood so, please, hold your judgement and just know that it’s something that weighs on me.  I say that this is the perfect job for three years from now because I have expectations for what my life will be like at that point.  Those expectations include marriage and a child.  Now, those aren’t just random ideas that I pulled out of thin air.  They have been discussed, generally agreed upon and I have full confidence that my life is heading in that direction.  The problem is that we’re not there yet.  To put it in business terms, the contract has been verbally agreed to, but that means nothing until we’ve signed on the dotted line.  So, do I base my career choices on a verbal contract? Or, do base my career choice solely on what is in my best interest?

That’s a toughie and I hope that I was able to illustrate my problem here.  Oh, life!  Ups and downs, lefts and rights, forwards and backwards.  What a trip?!?

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