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So, today I was at an account.  I had just introduced myself to the Parts Mgr. and an older couple walked in.  The gentleman (and I use that term loosely) only needed a piece of a part that the dealer sold.  The owner of the dealership pointed to me and said, “she can help you.”

I quickly explained that I was just a distributor, but the dealer (Parts Mgr.) would be able to help out.  By this time, the owner had already walked away.  The parts mgr. started looking up the piece and continued to chat with me.  After about 30 seconds, the old man said, “Hey, little parts girl…what are you doing to help me out?”

Now, I’ve written plenty about ego and pride in this blog and the fact that I even keep a blog should make it no surprise that this got me fiery mad.  I can’t begin to describe the crude (but hilarious) things that were running through my mind at this point; however, I took the high road.  I said, “Sir, I work for a distributor, you need to talk to the manufacturer.”

He responded, “the manufacturer sent me to the dealer.”

I said, “well, that’s this nice man behind the counter.  I am the DISTRIBUUUUUUUUUUUTOOOOOORRR.”

In other news, I was very surprised when I walked into my last account of the day to see this:

I immediately asked if I could pet them.  Wylie, the owner of the shop, gave me 4 fig newtons to feed them and let me out in the back with them.  They were really sweet, but the one on the right wasn’t too happy when the fig newtons were gone.  He kept trying to get at my fingers and he actually bit me.  No broken skin or anything like that.  I think the donkey was just as shocked as I was when he got my finger.  Anyway, they would rub up against me like cats do and I’m pretty much in love them.

That’s all for today!!!


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