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I saw more cows today than humans.  I also saw a camel, emus, alpacas, horses, goats and the largest rocking chair in the world that is definitely bigger than our house.  Texas is a crazy place.

I definitely enjoyed the day by myself and look forward to more…

I was done by 3PM and that was awesome.  I’ve got a lot of school to do and I have to get back on track for the GFC.  I have a new goal which I can’t share because I don’t want to give away my formula for victory, but this new strategy will guarantee 100 minutes of cardio/week.  LOOK OUT GRAF’S!

So, back to school, I have a group project for every freaking class that I’m in.  Group projects are the bane of my existence.  I have a meeting for one class tonight at 9PM…uggghhhh!

Okay, short and sweet today.


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