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Apparently there was a non-stop party at home while I was gone.  Archie told me that Daddy didn’t make him have any rules and he’s allowed to sleep on the bed again.  Mack said that Daddy let them stay up as late as they wanted and they were allowed in to jump on people and go into the closet.  These dogs have definitely been running show.  I think Archie is the puggle bull equivalent of a teenaged boy.  He’s gotten so  hyper.  It’s amazing how different they are just after seven days.

It’s so wonderful to be home.  As soon as I finished blogging from the carwash yesterday, I ran into an old friend and it was great to see him.  Shortly after that, I ran into an old colleague and it was wonderful to see him, as well.  It’s amazing how popular the carwash is on Friday afternoons.  When I got home, Wade took me to a delicious dinner at Papacito’s.  I have to admit that I wasn’t vegetarian this past week.  It was nearly impossible in Nashville.  So, I finished my non-vegetarian week with a trio of meaty enchiladas and they were delicious!

When we got home, we both took quizzes and finished the week of school.  I finally feel organized and prepared for both, work and school.  This morning, I took the dogs for a 1.5 mile walk and then got my new Impala ready for the upcoming week.  I’ve started on school for the upcoming week and I’m about to go to the grocery store to stock up for guests that we’re entertaining on Sunday for football.  I’m excited!  Okay, I have to hit the road.


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