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What a trip this has been?!?

Yesterday morning we had a motivational speaker and at the end of the speech, I got to break a board karate style.  I hit it so hard it broke into 3 peices.  That was pretty awesome and totally unexpected.  It was a very long day yesterday of meetings and an awards banquet, but fun even though I was wwaaaayyyy under the weather.  This was due partially to my own behavior and partially because I have been getting sick for a week or so.  In any case, I was not able to eat or drink a think yesterday.  It wasn’t pretty, but as it has been related to me, I have been “broken in.”

This is definitely a rowdy bunch.  We’ve hijacked huge zamboni-like vacuum cleaners, had the 50-meter dash in the hotel lobby, backed a shuttle into a police car and who knows what’s to come.

I am starting to really miss home, but it’s been nice to get away for a bit.  7 days is just so incredibly long.  The show actually starts tomorrow so I’m hoping the days will fly from here on out.  I’ve done a pretty good job of finding time to fit in my school work, but I feel really dissheveled.  I’m losing my voice and I packed horribly.  Basically, I’m a mess.  You can probably tell by this rant of a post!

That’s all I have for now…

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