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From Nashville…

Where everyone’s names are Lacy, Shelby, Porter, Parker and Baker.  Am I in SEC Country or what?!?

This hotel is absolutely gorgeous.  Fran, my grandmother, would say that it was “stunning” or excitedly gasp, “MY LAAANNNNDDD.”

It’s so big that I have literally gotten lost every time I leave my room.  Thankfully, the hotel has it’s own iPad app, which has a map and important phone numbers.  I guess that’s helped a little, but since I’m not too good with maps, I still get pretty turned around.

On Friday night, I hung out with my region and heard things like, “what do you think those clowns in region 3 are doing tonight?”

“That’s region two over there, they’re pretty lame, but they sell a ton of hitches.”

I felt like I was in an episode of the office.  I am in Region 4 and apparently, we are the best region.  I can tell that we are, by far, the youngest and I’m going to assume that probably makes us the most fun too.  Anyway, we stayed out ’til about 12:30 and then I came back to the room and my roommate (Terri) and I talked until 2AM.  We had to get up at 5:30 to go to meetings, which totally sucked.

We had breakfast at 7 and the meetings started at 8AM.  They were all day long.  Thankfully, though, the food has been amazing; cole slaw, potatoe salad, pasta salad, cinnamon french toast, etc. During one of the seminars, they passed around some decorative RV Part that said, “Grandpa knows best.”  When the guy next to me handed to me, he said, “You went from Josh Hamilton to THIS.  What the hell were you thinking?”

We laughed so hard I almost cried.  I came back to the room after our meetings to get a bunch of studying done.  I fell asleep at 8 and woke up at 11:30 to finish.  I went back to sleep at 2 and here I am now.  I’ll spend today setting up for the show and then back to studying.


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